What will I be learning?
You will learn Simple, Direct, Scientific & Reality-Based Self-Defense. We will train your body to intercept an attack before it lands.

Some of the training includes:

1) Scenario-Based Training (Real-life, full contact, single/multiple attackers scenarios)
2) Simple Direct Reflex Training (Responding promptly to any threat from any position)
3) Striking Accuracy and Explosivity (Using your limbs with power and accuracy)
4) Combat Footwork and Posture (Developing mobility and stability)

..and a lot more. To know more, please contact us.

What does your training focus on?

We focus on teaching what you NEED to learn for self-defense purposes, rather than teaching what you DESIRE to learn. We will elaborate further on our 4 main ideologies:

1) Simplicity: Free from complicated moves that take too much time and are too difficult to execute in reality. 
2) Directness: Natural & instinctual responses, to avoid deviating from handling the source of the threat.
3) Realistic: Focus on what is real.  Scenario-based training literally puts you in various threatening situations while training your natural response to strike accurately at a human’s weakest spot.
4) Scientific: We take what works. Scientific street fighting is all about understanding the human body’s physiological response & physical capabilities in a fight. Such as understanding how our body mechanics work to incur maximum damage to the attacker, and understanding the effectiveness of various street fighting strategies based on statistics. Scientific street fighting may sound complicated but it’s not.

With past injuries, can I still enroll into the program?

It all depends on the nature of your injury. Some of our instructors have old injuries as well, but that did not stop them.

However, consult your doctor to determine what types of exercise you can and cannot do. You should also assess your physical fitness.

Would I be too old to learn?

There is no age limit for learning self-defense. In order to learn self-defense, you must not necessarily be physically fit and have a high level of endurance. All of these are myths!

We do not respond to force with force. Our training focuses on ending a fight quickly and efficiently. If a response is simple, your muscle memory will execute it faster. If your response is complicated, it will need to go through our thought process before it can be activated by muscle memory.

Of course, simple endurance and strength training will be included throughout the program. To defend yourself, you must have at least SOME basic strength and endurance.

Will there be sparring?

Yes. But we do not have competition-style sparring.

Our sparring activity involves putting on protective gear and going full contact in a realistic scenario training, This will test your ability to handle yourself in these scenarios using your skills and reflexes.

Do you organize competitions?

We do not organize competitions nor do we recommend those who are keen to go for competitions and be bound by rules and regulations to train under us as this would create muscle memories that could get you disqualified in any competitions.

This training is to help you achieve the ability to defend yourselves, your loved ones, victims of violence and your properties. It is not meant for sports, performance nor art.


How long does it take to complete the whole course?

It differs from one individual to another. There are two levels; Basic Level (split into 4 Stages) and the Advanced Level. Each level will take roughly 5–6 months to complete.

On the other hand, this training should be ongoing. It calls for constant, repetitive learning and practice. The exact moment at which you can declare that you have finished and mastered the skills is undoubtedly a myth. The muscle memory and reflexes in our bodies will degrade if we stop practicing.

Is your organization directly linked to Bruce Lee Foundation?

No we are not.

Do you accept any students?

We would love to. However, we are teaching skills that can cause severe injuries and that same skills can also be used for immoral or evil intent. Therefore, we need to be responsible in accepting students to minimize this risk.

Can you accept students at any time?

No, we cannot. Our syllabus is thoughtfully organized. We take on students in groups so they may work through the curriculum together. It will be difficult for a student who joins the class in the middle of the lesson to catch up to other students who have progressed further.

Do you accept walk-in students?
We do not accept walk-in students right away to ensure the safety of everyone. However, our doors are always open to inquiries for anyone who is interested to enroll as a student. You are welcome to contact us should you wish to know more.

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