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About Us

We believe that everyone has the right to protect themselves, their loved ones and their property in the best possible manner. That is why we are teaching a reality-based self-defense program. It is not a sport nor it is a traditional art.

Our VisioN & MISSION

Vision Statement:

Empowering the martial arts industry to shape a new standard of realistic & tested SELF DEFENSE SKILLS for society’s benefit.


Make the world a safer and better place for everyone.

Simplify self-defense skills for everyone.

Become the pioneer in offering society realistic, useful, and experience-based street defense training.

Making a Difference

TV Appearrances

We had the privilege of being called to television programs to promote the concept of practical self-defense, particularly for women and kids. We’ve already been on Bernama TV, NTV7, and will soon be on RTM Sukan. We hope to have more chances to appear in major media outlets so that more people can gain from living in a safer community.

Our Method

We realized that whatever we learn and our ability to apply that knowledge, or what we also sometimes know as skills are two different things. In becoming a well-trained self-defense individual, theory, understanding, muscle memory, and conditioning, are a few among many other factors, that need to come into place.

In order to achieve a state where you are able to respond without having to think, with highly effective strikes efficiently, and of course without injuring yourself along the way, we shall train and stress-test you with scientifically-proven methods using our proprietary EARS approach.

Our line of trainers would also be giving you the support you need, whether you are in the private, group or even the online program. You should be truly ready to respond to physical threats for as long as you are willing to put your back into it.


“The teachings are very practical and straight to the point, no wasted motion.”

– Nolan Valera

We have taught students from zero self-defense backgrounds to students with decades of experience in other disciplines. We do not treat one student differently from another but rather, teach them according to their physiques and capabilities.

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Our Coaches

Quality coaches are the first step in getting high-quality training.

They are the foundation of every effective learning experience and have the skills and knowledge necessary to do so. Each coach has completed thorough evaluations and training to make sure they have the knowledge and abilities to deliver the lesson effectively.

A lot of effort is put into guaranteeing the caliber of the Urban Street Defense coaches and the relevance of the course material. Only the greatest coaches and course materials will assist trainees in reaching their objectives. For their course knowledge and eagerness to impart their experience in the classroom, our coaches frequently receive amazing positive reviews.