Experience the reality of Self-Defense

Understand how attacks happen in Reality. Train your response to deal with real life situations. Respond spontaneously towards random threats and attacks with scientifically-proven biomechanics of your muscle memory. This is a training system that is Experiential, Response & Scenario Based.


The simpler the better. Nothing complicated. Nothing fancy.


Direct and effective attacks. There’s no step-by-step attacks.


Stress-tested. No choreographed or stopped / paused attacks.


Use what works, old or new, from any place we can find.

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What Do We Focus On

In a real physically threatening situation, we must be able to decide immediately because it is truly a fight-or-flight situation. Should we have no other option but to face our attacker head-on, we must not be thinking, let alone planning, how to fight. Our responses should come naturally. We shall help you focus on developing the right responses.

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Women Self-Defense

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Featured Programs

We understand that different people have different reasons for taking up a self-defense program. Based on years of experience teaching numerous students, we have designed three types of training programs to meet your needs and requirements. We know you want to start and we are with all the way.

Private Class

One-to-one personal training with flexible scheduling. You’ll get undivided and focused attention from the assigned trainer to speed up your learning. The training venue is open for discussion but limited to 20km radius from the respective trainer’s location.

Group Class

Group training with a fixed schedule and a fixed training venue. Learn with many others and get a chance to feel the different intensity sparring with other students similar to a real scenario. Each class is limited to a maximum of sixteen (16) students per trainer.

Online Self-Learning

Not ready to join a face-to-face class. Subscribe to our online self-learning and kick-start your journey with some basics that you can learn in the comfort of your home, or wherever you are.